Here are a piece I did for the Winter Is Coming: Game Of Thrones Pop Up Show in San Francisco.



Game Of Thrones

R.I.P. Robb (Micron Pens and Acrylic Paint)


FINALLY! Cryptozoic has announced the new Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards Set 2. WooHoo! The packs will have hand drawn sketch cards from various artist randomly inserted into them. 150 of those cards will be hand drawn by myself. So purchase as many packs as possible. Also if you happen to find 5 special cards I will give you a special gift. Continue reading.

So...I had a lot of cards to do in a short amount of time. I also had no extra cards for mistakes. Once the ink hit the card it was on. Because of this I created a few cards that were not well executed. By that I mean some of the cards look like shit. So what I have decided to do was make a special offer to those who find 5 of those terrible cards. If you happen to find one of these 5 terrible cards, I will do a completely new card for you, free of charge. First find the card (one of the 5 in the last image). Then Email me a photo of you holding the card. No you can not Photoshop the card into a photo of you holding your fake idea. Sooner or later I will ask for the original card to be sent to me. That way I know your not trying to pull a fast one. The new card I do for you will be on a 2.5 x 3.5 Bristol Board in Black and White. You get to choose the character on the card. The character can be from any movie or any show. In the end you will receive a completely new card and your original terrible card. Good Luck Hunting!

Packs will be available July 5th from retailers upon release:

Here are some of the cards you might find. Including the 5 terrible cards (Bottom 5).


Cheese and Crackers

Hello 2013! So I have decided to start working on a couple of short comics that I have written. I will be posting the panels daily on 365panels.com (a great website for artist/writers to showcase their work and to compete). I will also be posting the composed pages here on my blog. When you have the time please check out 365panels.com to view great work by other artist.


Breaktime Studios

Some more Dragon Skies concepts and production art. Check out the game and let us know what you think.


Breaktime Studios

The team has worked tirelessly and in 4 days Dragon Skies goes worldwide. Here are some old concepts for the game as well as the logo. The style has gone through lots and lots of changes. I'm pretty happy with the final look. I'm lucky to be working with some amazingly talented artist. I might post more concepts I did for this game.

Hey Hey Boo Boo


Breaktime Studios

Dream Dresses was created by a team of men with beards. I'm very proud of it.