Spellstone Dump! Here are a few Spellstone cards from last year. I like to show the pencil sketches so that you can see the process.I have been working on this game for a few years now. I need to sit down and figure out how many cards I have made. I bet it is close to 400.


A game that I have been working on with Eduardo Baraf and Keith Matejka has been selected for the Tabletop Indie Showcase at PAX South. If you happen to be at PAX next month, stop by and play the game with us. I'm pretty excited!


This game has been out for awhile now so I'm going to assume that it is OK to show these. These are marketing pieces I created a while back for the mobile game Animation Throwdown. I created these before the game was finished. It was interesting to work on a totally different style than what I'm used to.


The Candi Bar in Galion Ohio

I created these images for the coffee shop next to my office. I go there often for my caffeine fix. The character is based on the owners' cat, Biggie. I love working with local businesses.

I'm going to start posting a lot more to Blogger. I feel more comfortable here.



Here are a piece I did for the Winter Is Coming: Game Of Thrones Pop Up Show in San Francisco.



Game Of Thrones

R.I.P. Robb (Micron Pens and Acrylic Paint)


Cheese and Crackers

Hello 2013! So I have decided to start working on a couple of short comics that I have written. I will be posting the panels daily on 365panels.com (a great website for artist/writers to showcase their work and to compete). I will also be posting the composed pages here on my blog. When you have the time please check out 365panels.com to view great work by other artist.


Breaktime Studios

Some more Dragon Skies concepts and production art. Check out the game and let us know what you think.